Our Universe

With its furniture inspired by the most beautiful aspects of world cultures, Lyn Home Harmony offers you the opportunity to turn your home into a space of escape, where the comfort of intimacy blends with unique pieces of interior art.

Crafted by Moroccan artisans, heirs to a renowned craftsmanship known worldwide for its finesse, Lyn Home Harmony furniture is rare, sturdy, and functional pieces designed to bring a gentle touch of boldness to everyday spaces.

The Founders

Welcome to the world of Lyn, a creative brand founded by two passionate minds: Nada and Amina.

Nada, the granddaughter of the artisan Lahcen from the city of Salé in Morocco, grew up in the enchanting atmosphere of craftsmanship, absorbing the richness of this family heritage.

Driven by this experience, she brings her love for creation to Lyn. Amina, a global citizen, joins this adventure with an unwavering passion for humanity. Her curiosity and enthusiasm for cultural diversity are inspiring pillars for Lyn.

Guided by a common passion and a desire to celebrate differences, Nada and Amina aspire to infuse Lyn with boundless creativity. The brand aims to transcend cultural boundaries through the design of unique furniture, inviting everyone to explore and appreciate the richness of global design.

At Lyn, Nada and Amina’s story intertwines with creativity and innovation, offering a unique experience where artisanal heritage harmoniously blends with a contemporary vision. We invite you to discover our world, where each piece tells a captivating story and embodies our shared passion for art and design.

“Lyn, let’s celebrate our differences”.

Nada et Amina